Does Quality of Life or Money Matters More For Your Loved Ones?

Lifelink Residential Care Centre Is Your Answer.

Do you know how does your loved one feel being alone at home when you are out for your daily routine?

To make matters worse is when they have difficulty moving about. Well-being and attention are two very important underlying aspects that constitutes good quality of life for your loved ones so they do not feel neglected. Everyone deserve good quality of life especially when they are your parents.

Based on our current resident's feedback, Lifelink Homecare's Residential Care Centre has been able to provide a good quality of life and at the same time uplift the burden and worries of the family members. We totally understand in today's society, you may not have the time to stay by your loved one's side at all times because you have to strive for your future as well. So take a moment to understand that we are not selling you something, we are here to take away your daily burden, stress and worries. Money is a very superficial object when you have the desire to give back and provide the best for your loved ones, so if you can afford it then why not? Not only you can be worry-free when your loved one is our resident, you should also feel proud because you are finally giving back by having your loved one staying in our exclusively done up assisted living establishment. Our first residential care establishment here is a bungalow specially renovated to only house a limited number of residents to meet our purpose of making it spacious, peaceful, clean and exclusive. And what's more perfect than having Lifelink Homecare, a home care company that have had more than few thousand home care patients to its name for the past 16 years in Malaysia as the operator of this exclusive residential care centre. So ask yourself this question, does the quality of life for your loved one matters more than money?

What We Do For Our Residents

Personal assistance care such as bathing, sponging, changing of clothes, feeding, exercising etc, if required and specified, will be taken care by the qualified personnel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with tea time, including any special dietary requirements if applicable, will be served by the carer everyday to our residents. If you are interested to know more, do call us and make an appointment to allow us to show you around. *A wide range of support would also be available to the residents managed by Lifelink Homecare in terms of rental/sale of medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and concentrators/suction machine/wheelchairs/enteral feeding pump, doctor's visits, supply of medical nutrition and consumables etc, readily available and at additional charge.